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Destro & Duke Together For the First Con Appearance Ever at LBCC '16!

You've seen them together as they battled on our TV screens for decades, but they've never done a convention appearance together! For the first time EVER the voices of G.I. Joe's Destro and Duke will be appearing at a convention together at the 2016 Long Beach Comic Con - 5/6-8 at the Long Beach Convention Center! Voice actor Michael Bell (Michael Bell - Duke from G.I. Joe and Eight Original Transformers - Prowl, Scrapper, Sideswipe, Bonecrusher, Bombshell, Swoop, First Aid, and Brainstorm) will be joined by his on-screen nemesis Arthur Burghardt (Voice of Destro from G.I. Joe & Devastator from Transformers). In addition to this being their first ever appearance together, this will also be Arthur's first time appearing at any fan convention!

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