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Thank you for making a purchase with CelebWorx. 


For Shipping Multiple Item Purchases: You may be invoiced for additional shipping based on the quantity and costs of your order. Please try to select the correct shipping option before purchase. We will do our best to save you money always. 




If you ordered a photo through CelebWorx, you are all set! These are Matte Quality Professionally Lab Printed Photos. We will do our best to honor personalization and character name requests! Of course, those requests are at the hands of each of the actors. However, we will always do our best to honor them! 


Sit back! Be patient! The hard part is over for you as the customer and fan! We can’t wait to complete the signing and mail your item. It generally takes two weeks after the order cut off to complete the signing. It will be an additional 5-7 business days to start mailing items back after that. If you purchased a cast item, our goal is to ship your item within two weeks of the last signing cut off date advertised. This is based on the actor’s cut off dates advertised on our website. 


Please remember a signer’s schedule can change daily. If a signing is postponed and our timeframe is affected, we will make sure everyone is notified on social media, in addition to our email newsletter. 




We offer James Spence Authentication for all items for our signing. If you would like to purchase authentication, it’s $10 for (1) actor who signs your item. Its an additional $5 for any add on signing name afterwards. We will be able to either invoice you for the difference or send you the appropriate link to purchase your authentication request. 


If you decide to certify your autograph by James Spence Authentication, please give us two weeks to fulfill that part of the order. 




If you have never participated in a send-in signing, or are wondering how to better prepare your items, here is our handy guide of tips that we put together for you use when getting your item ready for signing.


Send In Shipping Return Costs


All customers are responsible for the proper postage of their send in items. At checkout, there were three return options to pick from regarding sending in items. Many customers missed these options and picked a more affordable option i.e. First Class Mail. These were as follow: 


Send In Small Return Shipping $10.99 

Send In Medium Return Shipping $14.99

Send In Large Return Shipping $19.99 


These are payments towards your return shipping to insure that we don’t hold up your item during the return process any longer than we have to. Of course, depending on the item’s weight, the shipping cost might be more. In the event of this occurring, we might be e-mailing you to cover the difference. 


As many fans understand, it’s not possible to ship your poster or toy First Class for a rate of $5.99. It’s physically not possible. Of course, we will do our best to save you as much money on shipping as possible. 


Combined Shipping


When we say we will save you money on return shipping, we will do our best. If you were charged for multiple items on multiple send ins, we will always try to combine shipping. If we are able to partially refund you on multiple signing purchases, we will. However, these refunds are based on good faith and left on discretion of postage and packing costs. 


Materials You Need 

CelebWorx Logo.png
Send In Information CelebWorx 7.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 10.jpeg



Write and apply your autograph label appropriate according to the guideline below: 


We need basic information, please don’t write a paragraph. The post it needs basic  information.

Send In Information CelebWorx 6.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 5.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 4.jpeg

Also please, do not think you can pull a fast one by sneaking in a quote/inscription/character name that you did not pay for (where applicable), the labels are checked ahead of the signing. If we have already expressed a quote is not possible, do not write it on the post it note. It will just add more work for our staff to redo your post it note. 



Other Examples Of Labeling Items:   

Send In Information CelebWorx 2.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 3.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 1.jpeg
Send In Information CelebWorx 9.jpeg



  • Track your outgoing items using USPS Delivery Tracking service, or another package tracking app 

  • Do Not Use Packaging Tape Directly On Any Of Your Items 

  • Follow the deadlines for mail cut offs. Date Cut Offs Apply To Mail In Items. 

  • Label Your Item As This Guide Explains 

  • Not Every Inscription, Quote, or Personalization Request Is Guaranteed Unless Advertised 

  • Do Not Write A Quote or Personalization If You Didn’t Pay For It (If That Signing Advertises There Is A Charge) 

  • Not all items may be taken. If we have approved your item via email or message, you’re set! 

  • Not all pen color or pen requests are guaranteed.

  • Don’t Use Cheap Materials To Ship Your Item. These are the same materials we will be using to return your items. If the packaging is not acceptable for safe transport, we will purchase packaging on your behalf and invoice you. 

  • Make Sure To Protect or Pad Your Item How You Wish Us To Return Your Item Back To You. 

  • We will send you tracking information as soon as your item ships. 

  • Read/ Follow the descriptions, announcements, and rules of any signing


Send In Information CelebWorx 8.jpeg
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