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Arleen Sorkin CelebWorx 3.jpg

Orders will take 8-10 weeks for completion

LIVE 3/16/2021 -8AM PST


limited spots available

Arleen Sorkin CelebWorx Order Details and Other Information:

1. Signing will go LIVE this morning (3/16/21) at 8AM PST.

2. Each item type will have their own individual listing and category. Please make sure to select the correct listing. These item types will cover new send ins and old send ins (add ons if we already have your item).

3. No requests for placement, quotes, character name, and pen color. This signing is for SIGNATURE ONLY.

4. No paint pens will be used for any item.

5. No figures or other 3D objects will be accepted.

6. No oversized items outside the parameters listed in order sheets, stiff art prints, stretched canvases, or lithographs will be accepted.

7. There are limits/ total cap on each category type. Once it sells out, it sells out.

First Come, First Serve. Good Luck!

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