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1. Azucar

2. Monkey Butt

3. Toenail Soup

4. Big Sister

5. Princess Mike

6. Baby Brother

7. Chicken Fingers

8. Posie Bites

9. Sugar Booger

10. Don't Roll Your Eyes At Me

11. Trudy

Bonus Holiday Singles:

12. Krampus

13. Clementine




Vocals - Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening

Guitar - Deke Dickerson and Eddie Clendening

Bass - Murry Hammond

Piano - Carl Sonny Leland

Percussion - DJ Bonebrake


All songs by Grey DeLisle (Wet Pony Music ASCAP) and Eddie Clendening (C.E. Clendening BMI) except Baby Brother (Written by Bill Carter)

The Rough Housers & Grey DeLisle - Princess Mike [CD]

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