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Side A

1. Where You're Coming From

2. My Two Feet

3. Driftless Girl

4. Little Ol' White

5. The Ballad of Ella Mae


Side B

1. I Don't Wanna Want You

2. Pretty Jolie

3. Quick Draw

4. In The Living Room

5. Mama's Little Rose

6. Down From Dover


Grey DeLisle- vocals / Andrew Maguire- drums / Ben Boye- piano and keys / Adam Brisbin- bass, guitar, steel / Buck Meek- guitar, vocals / Nikki Grassman- vocals / Keith Eary- mandolin / Jolie Holland- vocals, guitar, violin


Produced by Jolie Holland


Engineered by Germaine Dunes & Buck Meek / Mixed by Adam Brisbin / Mastered by Deke Dickerson at Eccofonic Studios


All songs written by Grey DeLisle (Wet Pony Music ASCAP) except for "Where You're Coming From" by Jolie Holland (Box Tree Music ASCAP) and Buck Meek (Domino Publishing Company ASCAP) "My Two Feet" by Murry Hammond (Pennycost Music ASCAP) and "Down From Dover" by Dolly Parton (Owepar BMI) Album Cover Design by Landon DeForge 

Grey DeLisle - Driftless Girl [CD]

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