Melendy Britt

Melendy Britt is an American actress and voice-over artist with numerous film credits starting in the the ’70s , such as “Being There”, “Gray Lady Down” and “The Lawyer”, as well as television shows including a recurring role in “Weird Science”, and memorable guest-star roles in “Cheers”, “The Gilmore Girls”, Taxi, “Life Goes On”, and “Jack and Jill” to name a few. She was also the first actress to say, “Because I’m Worth It” for L’Oreal hair color commercials.

But it is in her animation work where her voice made a female heroine know all over the world. If you were a young girl or boy in the ’80s, you probably couldn’t get enough of the iconic role she made famous. Melendy is the original voice behind She-Ra, star of the TV series, “She-Ra, Princess of Power”, as well as the film “The Secret of the Sword” and Christmas specials for He-Man and She-Ra. Her voicing of She-Ra set the bar high for female heroines in animation. It is adored and revered all over the world. No woman compared to She-Ra, Princess of Power. Not only was she fighting to free the planet Etheria from the Evil Horde that had brainwashed her since infancy, she did it in style – atop a winged unicorn, with a golden tiara, red cape, flowing blonde locks and a tennis skirt that stayed put no matter how many somersaults were required to get the job done.


She-Ra could heal the sick and communicate with animals — and she had a Sword of Protection that not only changed shape, but kept her in touch with her brother He-Man in Eternia, sans long-distance charges. None of these “fabulous secret powers” would have mattered much, though, without the talents of actress Melendy Britt to back them up. For 93 episodes and two movies, she gave She-Ra (and secret identity Adora) her confident voice … and a generation of children goose bumps every time she proclaimed, “For the Honor of Grayskull – I am She-Ra!”  

In the She-Ra series and films, she was also the voice of Adora, Catra, Castaspella, Scorpia, Hunga the Harpie, and many additional characters in the series.

Melendy’s body of animation work also includes starring roles in the animation series “The New Adventures of Batman”, in which she voiced Batgirl and Catwoman, a fan favorite. She starred in “Plasticman”, voicing Penny and The Chief. In “Flash Gordon”, she voiced Aura, Daughter of Ming the Merciless, along with other characters in animation series.

Melendy began her career in theatre at The Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas. She went on to star in major productions and on radio in Houston before leaving for Las Vegas, starring in a musical revue, then in theatre in San Francisco, and finally settling in Los Angeles to continue her career in promos for NBC, CBS, ABC, with on-camera acting in TV, film, and commercials and then voice-over animation. Last year after more guest animation in series such as Justice League, she began another facet of her voice-over career in award winning video games, voicing characters in Fallout 4, Dishonored 2, and being the voice promoting The Elder Scrolls “Legends”.

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