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D.C. Douglas

The original voice of:

  • ALBERT WESKER in Resident Evil Series (7 Games)

  • LEGION in Mass Effect 2 & 3

  • CHASE in Transformers: Rescue Bots

  • COL. RAWLS in Regular Show

  • X DRAKE in One Piece

  • GARI in Naruto

  • PROFESSOR in Cyborg 009

  • AZRAEL in Blazeblue

  • RAVEN in Tekken 6, Street Fighter X Tekken

  • ZERO in Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

  • KAMOSHIDA in Persona 5

  • WESKHAM ARMAUGH in Final Fantasy XV

In addition, D.C. has starred in films and TV shows such as:

  • Z Nation as Pa Kettle

  • Star Trek: Enterprise as Zepht

  • Sharknado 2 as Bud 

  • Charmed as Craig